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A section for developers, businesses and independent users to find a list of components and services that are created using the YDS facilities and data. 

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A fully documented, open-source set of RESTful web services which allow external systems to create, update and get data from the database of the YDS platform. 

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What I like about data-driven storytelling is that it lets you measure things. It let's you measure any phenomena within a story.

Nicolas Kayser-Bril

Co-Founder and CEO jplusplus

Being able to query who’s in a story and what’s their relation to it is a very powerful thing. That’s how I ended up doing this sort of thing in journalism.

Jacqui Maher

Interactive journalist BBC News Labs

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The YDS consortium is coordinated by ATC and consists of 9 members from 5 European countries: leading technology companies, research institutions, public bodies and multimedia content companies have come together in order to realise the YDS platform and the related use cases.