Information about the YDS platform and the processing of your personal data

The purpose of this form is to inform you of the details of the Your Data Stories platform and how it intersects with social media sites.

You are fully free to use the YDS platform. However, you should only tick the box if you agree with the hereby presented conditions. By uploading a story, or posting a comment or other content, by ticking the ‘I agree’ box you provide your consent to the processing of your personal data as outlined in this notice.


About the YDS Platform.

The Your Data Stories platform (hereafter “the Platform”) has been developed by the YDS Consortium, which is a European funded (Horizon 2020) research project (Grant Agreement n°645886).

YDS is a platform that helps make sense of open and social data. It answers your specific question by turning data into the substrate for stories that human beings can comprehend and act upon. YDS addresses professionals in government, public administration, business, and journalism, but it is also made for citizens.


About the YDS responsible for the Platform and the services (‘data controller’)

YDS partner NCSR Demokritos, located at Patr.Grigoriou E’ & 27, Neapoleos str. PO Box 60037, Postal Code 153 41, Agia Paraskevi, Attica, Greece  Tel +30 210 6503002 or e-mail: communications [at], is the responsible for the organization of the YDS Platform.


About the purposes for which your data will be processed.

Your data that will be collected from the Platform are going to be processed for (i) the testing of the proper functioning of the Platform and the services, (ii) the testing of the mechanisms developed in the Platform, (iii) and the continuous assessment of the interaction between the data supply and the data demand side.

Your data will not be used for any other purposes than those listed above. Your data will not be used for direct marketing purposes.


About the data that will be processed

We collect the information you provide the stories and any other comment you post and the comments you make.  This means that we analyse the data embedded in your information, datasets, stories and any other content, in order to extrapolate conclusions about societal, business, political, governmental behaviour. We also look at which datasets, stories and other content you react and/or express interest and who reacts and/or express interest to your datasets, stories and other content.

We also collect the information publicly available from your Facebook, Twitter profiles. Information about your age, gender, e-mail address, home town and any other information you have made public will be collected (such as for instance the pages and posts you liked), as well as your use and reuse of the YDS information, datasets, stories and other content and the comments you make in the context of YDS.

Your name, e-mail address, user name or pseudonym will be used solely for communication with you and for issuance of any future activities.

We also collect all applicable access data like the name of the web pages retrieved, the date and time of the retrieval, the volume of data transferred, notification of successful retrieval, the browser type and version, the user’s operating system, the referrer URL (the previous page visited) and the requesting provider.


Sensitive data

You should be aware that by sharing personal information on social network sites and/or the Platform you may inadvertently reveal information about your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, and data concerning your health or your sex life. We ask you to be careful and not to reveal any information you would like to keep confidential. In any case, we will never ask you to provide us with such information, nor will this information be used as open data or for analysis by the data analysis service, the recommendation systems or any other service provided by the YDS. However, if you decide to reveal this information while interacting on the YDS, you expressly consent to have this information processed for the purposes mentioned above in the “Uses” section.


About your rights

You can have access to your personal data and ask for your rights, namely access, rectification, erasure and portability by contacting the YDS Consortium partner Athens Technology Center (ATC) (Rizariou 10, Chalandri 152 33, Athens, Greece, Tel+30 210 6874300, Fax: +30 210 6855564, e-mail:

To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, we may have to verify that you are who you are before we can give you access to, or change, information about you. If your request for deletion could put at risk the success of the on-going tests, we may ask you to provide a legitimate reason.

Recipients, Data Processors and Third Parties

State institutions

We ensure that your personal data will not be disclosed to State institutions and authorities except if required by law or other mandatory regulation.


 End users

The activities performed on the Platform are performed on behalf of the data demand side (end users) interested in analysing and making sense of open data and social data of any kind.


Security measures and access control

Appropriate security policies, rules and technical measures are implemented to protect your personal data that will be revealed via the Platform and will be stored on the Platform from unauthorised access, including use of firewalls where appropriate.

All the employees and data processors, who have access to, and are associated with the processing of personal data, are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.


Data Processor

The servers are hosted by NCSR Demokritos, located at Patr.Grigoriou E’ & 27, Neapoleos str. PO Box 60037, Postal Code 153 41, Agia Paraskevi, Attica, Greece. NCSR Demokritos will be acting as data processor and will process information on behalf and upon further instructions of the data controller NCSR Demokritos and ATC.