YDS Developer Tools

Find below the set of APIs and tools for visualising,
harvesting, and linking open data offered by YourDataStories

Links to YourDataStories Resources

APIs, Github Repos, Linked Data


YDS offers an API built based on the JSON API specification as well as a JSON-LD API.

The YDS documentation also includes tutorials and examples of the above APIs. It is built with GRAV and maintained by a direct connection to the relevant github repository

GitHub Repositories

All tools used in the YDS platform are opensource and can be found under https://github.com/YourDataStories

  • Visualisation Components, a collection of Angular based components to visualise open data
  • YourDataStories Ontology, the Linked Open Economy (LOE) ontology which is developed to describe financial open data
  • Harvesters, a set of harvesting tools to acquire data from open data sources and the social Web implemented in Java
  • YDS mobile application, the android app for viewing, rating and commenting on public projects.
  • YDS Twitter Service, a java application that posts tweets using data from the YDS API.